Gnarls Barkley – Mystery Man – Testo lyrics video traduzione

Oggi vi parliamo di “Mystery Man”, nuovo singolo dei Gnarls Barkley estratto dall’album “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”.

L’album è uscito l’11 novembre.

Il video, molto simpatico, è un cartone animato divertente.

Godetevi il video e diteci cosa ne pensate!!


Mystery Man

I may be a mystery
But I’m mostly a man.
And if i can’t do what you want me to
Then just let me do what I can
See I knew you’d understand

Now I’m a lover and a smiler
It’s only been once or twice that I’ve ran
But I’ve been there, I’ve got the pain to prove it
But I live to fight again
And I know you understand

We’re pieces to a puzzle
The big picture and plan
But until I know for certain
You have to take me as I am
And I hope you understand

Mystery Man

Coming soon…

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