Gravity – Pixie Lott – Testo traduzione

“Gravity” è la nuova canzone della cantante e autrice inglese Pixie Lott, il brano è estratto dall’album Turn It up.

Scritta da Ina Wroldsen, Lucas Secon, Mich Hansen e Jonas Jeberg, “Gravity” sarà rilasciata ufficilamente l’8 marzo 2010.

Ora vi lasciamo al video ufficiale subito dopo il salto.

Buona visione!



Gravity (6x)
Stop pullin’ me
I know that you still haven’t found you
And when I wanna stand on my own two
Suddenly you start to show
Signs of what is possible
Then you’re back to your ways and I let me down
Tell me why I keep tryin’a stay around
When all my family
They always telling me,
Through with you
And I know that deep down I’m callin’ time on you
On you
On you
Every time I’m ready to leave
Always seem to be
Pullin’ in the wrong direction
Divin’ in with no protection
Man, you can’t keep steerin’ me wrong
Oh gravity
Pullin’ me back, pullin’ me in
Why you pullin’ me back, pullin’ me in
Just like gravity
Gravity (5x)
I know I betrayed but I’m made to
Ignore the universe when I see you
Cos every night the stars will shine
Anythin’ they can just to change my mind
When I pass your road I can’t help rewind
What is wrong with me?
All that I wanna be is
[Repeat Bridge:]
[Repeat Chorus:]
Stop pullin’ me
Gravity (5x)
Be quiet let me leave, let me go
Don’t say another word
Cos with every sound
You’re pullin’ me down
You got a hold on me
Like gravity
[Repeat Chorus:
Gravity yeah
Gravity (6x)

Coming soon…

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