Nicole Scherzinger – Power’s Out – Testo lyrics video traduzione

Arriva su internet il brano di Nicole Scherzinger, si tratta di “Power’s Out”.
La canzone avrebbe dovuto far parte dell’album “Her name is Nicole”, il tanto atteso e mai arrivato album da solista di Nicole Scherzinger, la leader delle Pussycat Dolls.
Il pezzo è cantato in collaborazione con il grandissimo Sting. Il video che vi proponiamo non è ufficiale, ma realizzato dai fan. Buona ascolto!!!


Power’s Out
Now lay, now lay, lay, lay
Now lay, (oh oh oh), Now lay
Lay, lay, lay

I got a shoulder built for you
Just in case you need it to lean on
These hands I have are for you
Just in case you need help to hold on

The world is just a super sized merry go around
Sometimes your finger loose their grip, we all fall down

Don’t sit there in the dark
Don’t worry your heart
Everything will be fine
If trees fall on your power line

If your wills turn strong
You will always have a home
If your power’s out
If the light turn dark
You can stay here in my heart
If your power’s out

My food is yours
Take all you want
My bed is yours
Steep all you want

Power’s Out

Coming soon…

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