My Generation, Boomdabash: testo

Scopriamo il testo di My Generation, brano contenuto nell’album dei Boomdabash, Barracuda.

My Generation, Boomdabash: testo

See di youths ah bawl fi find a safe road
But babylon ah come again

Tell dem seh we nah sell out
we nah go change

we nah go buy some friends again

Even if mi ah walk trough di valley of the shadow of death
Me feel secure
because di almighty put im bless pon mi head
Cause it’s a dangerous time
we nah sit dung an ah cry
Real soldiers
we always deh pon di line

Youths pon di block
There’s no turning back
Hear di sound of di glock
Fucking police create repression
God bless forever my generation

We born and raised like a rose in the stone

Mama don’t cry
If i live or i die
Tears ah falls from di sky
Say a prayer for my salvation
Spreading one love to my generation

youths growin’ up in this time all alone

Poor my generation
Living without ambition
We pay the price
Fi All dem ah try
Fi waste all the earth an di ocean
No school education
Life is not a fiction
Don’t trust media clowns
Don’t get yourself into no program
Nuff youths ah tek di wrong road
Because we lef dem alone
So why you talk fi blame dem?
Give dem di right fi mek a choice
Fi tek dem space
And play a role in dis world
Don’t even try fi change dem

So tell di government fi spend dat money
Fi build a future fi di children
cause dem so sweet like di honey
no one kyaan stop di time ah seh di prophet
It’s invain you still a try fi waiste my generation project
Some ah dem ah hype an dem not sorry
Some a dem ah happy an neva worry
Yes one day we’ll see di judgement comin’ down from the stars