Nelly Furtado: la cantane entusiasta dell’album in uscita

Nelly Furtado (foto) ha dichiarato di essere molto fiera del lavoro che ha fatto che ha portato alla pubblicazione del nuovo album, intitolato Spirit Indestructible. La raccolta dei nuovi brani è stata prodotta da Bob Rock e John Shanks e in un’intervista a Rolling Stones l’artista ha dichiarato di essere stata determinata a prendersi i suoi tempi dopo il quinto album e così è stato.


“It’s been about two or three years in the making, but usually when you spend that much time, it ends up being something you’re quite proud of,” Furtado said.

Furtado went on to say that her extended hiatus from recording helped revive her creative spirit.

“I think it’s important to take breaks between albums, to live life and experience things, because my albums are so personal,” she explained.

“The album sounds, though, incredibly fun, and it’s sort of a juxtaposition of a lot of things – playful vocals with really heavy beats. There’s this innocence with this sort of wisdom.”

Furtado unveiled ‘Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)’, the album’s first single, in April.

The Spirit Indestructible is released on September 11 in the US and September 17 in the UK